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Screenshots of Bacaan Sholat
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
  • Readings of Prayer
Description of Bacaan Sholat (from google play)

Application Prayer is an application that reads complete prayers accompanied by audio sound reading, lafadz and translation. It is highly recommended to be a collection of digital apps in your smarthphone to help learn 5 day prayer readings (prayer fardhu / mandatory prayer readings).

All audio can be listened offline, do not need internet network so that more practical, not bothered with quality internet network.

Table of contents of the application Readings of Prayer include:
- Adzan = lafadz and translations with audio melodious sounds of the call to prayer from different parts of the world.
- Wudu intent = audio, lafadz and translation
- Sholat reading (prayer prayer read / 5 prayer reads / mandatory prayer readings) = audio, lafadz and reading translation in prayer
- Surat Al-Quran short letters = audio, lafadz and translation of short letters of the Qur'an commonly read at the time of prayer.

Congratulations to download the Application of Prayer Readings. Hopefully this app is useful for all of us, Amiin ...

Version history Bacaan Sholat
New in Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 20.0
Update aplikasi
Perbaikan bugs
New in Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 17.0
Some updates
New in Bacaan Sholat Lengkap 15.0
Some Updates
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